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November 3, 2022

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6:43 pm


Pastor geoffrey ombaso


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(075) 754-2837

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Dear brothers and sisters praise the living God and our risen savior Jesus Christ who was crucified in Calvary to redeem us from the alliance of the false religious. Am Pastor Geoffrey From Kenya May the holy spirit of God help us to understand the great love of heavenly father to all mankind’s My brothers and sisters do not worry on how l got your email address on the website and see how you have done the work of God we were encouraging and motivating about your ministry. God looks inside the hearth of men and see if there is only one who is wise to seek him in spirit and truth. Such people God wants them and use them in a mighty way because they are under anointing Holy Spirit they should go with the living message of our God Jesus Christ that is why we present our small projects to you. We are praying to you God to open possible affairs l take care of the orphans and we pray your ministry to reach worldwide.
It is another opportunity to write to you this moment from Kenya as l have told you in advance l would wish and even to be happy to be under you with cooperation and the accordance of your mentorship since lam young in ministry and l need your support spiritually as my spiritual father l would also need a direction from you now as we fraternized in the ministry now am ready with my family to study hand in hand in the work of God because the Gospel starts from the house and the family of the servant of God now as you are going to give all the guide lines and the directions l would to request you to send me the church logo the constitution for me to be going through it
I am humbly and gratefully with you servant of God and in all let the will of God be done thank you and may god bless you happy to hear from you soon
Yours Pastor Geoffrey