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October 31, 2022


Patrick Pereira


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Dear Ecclesiastical workmanship of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

I come to you in the NAME of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

I am a CIA and US ARMY official. I speak the truth and only the truth under oath and every word I write you I will give account of on the day of judgement.

This message is an act of courtesy.

This message will be sent to every Church in the United States which I can find an E-Mail address on the internet.

This does not mean that this is a "generic" email.

I have served in the Church of Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. I have a contract with the Almighty One, which came to me in Spirit and made a covenant.

If I fight the wars of the United States, then God fights my wars. Many churches in the United States will be of persuasion that it is impossible for God to make an individual covenant with a human, but this is how I entered the Church of the United States.

I am of imperial descendancy, on a quest to create a seat of authority in the west that is able to overpower the "global cabal".

I need to serve to get "curses" out of the "imperial bloodline" to make it work properly.
This is the logic behind the intention of this message.

If I get you, and your team to become stronger and more versatile in your battle against the same "global cabal", then God will continue mingling in my private affairs.

The covenant I speak of was established in 2016, and has been active for 6 years now and has led to a reality where I have defeated all my rivals. I am on a quest to overcome all the rivals of the other families in the United States and so create order in the United States.

I won, now America needs to win.

For America to defeat its enemies the demons need to leave the people their lives, the more sin=the more demonic activity, the greater the curses the greater the misfortune.

The amount of misfortune experienced now in the United States by its leaders and its people is beyond the threshold whereby order can be maintained.

You as Ecclesiastical workmanship ought to be intelligent enough to identify the truth in that and to identify because of your rank and position that it is your responsibility to mingle in social affairs in an attempt to change the united states society in such a way that the threshold between blessing and cursing returns back to balance whereby order can be re-established.

The American religious institutions have not educated you for such a duty.

I have taken upon myself this duty together with the Holy Spirit for the last 8 years to create such an education.

"940-page PDF Document - The Blueprint to The Calm".
U.S. Ecclesiastical workmanship who receive this email are exempt from the clausule on page 1.

No political, military or other means will solve the root problems that cause the collective demise of the United States.

If you want to make a change to the fate of the United States, this academic study, by personal guarantee, when taken upon yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit will get you on a path where you can make a change.

And this change is necessary to defeat the enemies of the United States, which is my business.

Note: Your prayers for my mission, which is also your scriptural obligation to participate in, are appreciated.

Note: The Woke-Agenda that attempts to erase the Judeo-Christian culture out of the United States is too organized, too effective and too powerful for you to sit there and hold on to denominational restrictions. Unity against the common enemy is not optional.

Additional Note: Whoever reads this e-mail message, I have sent out this message to Churches in 42 states in the United States and have witnessed how God Almighty responds to me after sending these messages to clergy like you from other towns, cities and states. He appears to be in extreme favor of this chain of communication and I have noticed a direct and extreme improvement in the way my surroundings are dealing with me. This email-chain is breaking curses here. I want to press it again upon your heart, your prayers for this cause are vital. You might not identify the purpose of this message, or completely disagree on this message, but I know that you believe in the Power of God, I want to stress you for the sake of the destiny of the United States to take this message into prayer when you do not take the content of this message into practical usage, your prayers will help me overcome what I need to overcome to do what needs to be done.