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July 8, 2022

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Prayer Request

Elder prayer request for freedom, healing and repentance, please: Please pray that God completely remove every mountain in the way of His best will for me and for my life. Pray for the complete healing of a terrible father wound and deep insecurities (spiritual and emotional) and for complete healing of my womb/reproductive system, hips and skin (physical). Pray to be eternally free from anger, hatred and hurt toward/regarding God and all God has allowed to happen to me. Pray that I would completely stop grumbling against God. Pray for freedom and to be who God made me and live how God wants me to live. Pray to love God, for peace with God, and for a good and close relationship with God. Pray for faith to believe God has always loved me and has always had a good plan for my life. Pray God exchange a spirit of heaviness for a garment of joy and that depression be bound forever in Jesus name. Pray sickness, infirmity, shame and weakness be replaced with wholeness, soundness, good health, strength and dignity. Pray for an abundance of God’s healing and redeeming love and grace. Pray God’s will be done in and through me and that God be glorified.

Thank you, so very very much, for your prayers of faith and for taking the time to consider my request and pray in agreement with me.