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April 2, 2021


Kimberly Rankin Rankin


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(740) 418-0628

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Hi, My name is Kimberly and I am a shut in and terminally ill with bone cancer. I am bed fast and on oxygen 24/7. I have a bad heart,and I am not able to drink Wal-Mart nutrition drinks. Please pray I will not suffer very much longer,and I will see Jesus soon. Please no emails please my computer crashed. I would like to talk to the prayer team. My number is 740-418-0628. My address us Kimberly Rankin,212 West Hill Street, Oak Hill, Ohio 45656. Please send me something that will cheer me up like a carepackage, prayershawl, Jesus mask, Jesus keychain, Jesus magnet, Jesus note cards, Wal-Mart giftcard, amazon giftcard, Jesus pillowcase, Jesus pink scarf, Billy Graham DVDs at etsy, Jesus of Nazareth book, Jesus stationary, Jesus postcards, Jesus gift bag with Jesus on it,and draw strings, and Jesus watch. Please pick out anything. I live anything Jesus.He is my life. Please no emails ple as e my computer crashed.My number is 740-418-0628 and my address is Kimberly Rankin, 212 West Hill Street, Oak Hill, Ohio 45656. Kimberly please phone for text.