Our Ministries

We have a variety of ministries designed for people in different areas of life.

Feel free to join us where you feel comfortable. Completion of the Pathway to Purpose classes is a pre-requisite for participation in any of our ministries.

“Back in Spot” Men’s Ministry (The M.O.B.)

The Men’s Ministry of “Bread” is proud to welcome you to our home. We have entitled the ministry “Back in Spot” because we realized that women have held the church together for many years after the apparent disappearance or disinterest from men. The time for change is now! Thank you ladies for all the love and hard work; please keep working and know the men are getting back to our rightful place as leaders of this movement.

At Bread, we believe that being a believer is more than just the clothes you wear, knowing a bunch of Bible verses, and reciting every new Christian song on the radio.  We realize that today’s church is really a gathering of a bunch of real people with very real problems, trying to hold it together and have something better for themselves and for their families.  We make many of the same mistakes that our brothers outside of the church make and share in the frustration of trying to be good men in a world that rewards dishonesty, pride, and selfishness. But, we have the hope and security that our mistakes will not define us as long as we continue to strive to be better through faith in God.

The men of Bread have formed a brotherhood as we journey through our walks of life with Christ leading the way.  We believe that a Christian man is still a man first.  We play video games, talk “trash”, watch & play sports, hold cookouts, work hard (in and outside of the church), participate in community service, give our time to the ministry as well as our families. We believe in “family first”; setting the example for our families as well as our church by taking care of our responsibilities, running our homes, respecting our partner, and being a better example than many of us had growing up.  We have formed a family that will serve as the guiding arm of the church to all those who are strong enough to proclaim that Jesus is Lord, and that He can save anyone, even us.  Even if you feel that you aren’t there yet, come on by and kick it with us for a while; you may just find a new home.

Women of Victory

In June 2006, God entrusted a Chosen vessel to bring into manifestation His vision; the “Birth to Re-Birth conference”.  God’s plan for the “Birth to Re-Birth conference was to equip His women with the foundation of knowledge, strength and faith to move from the beginning. The beginning being the birth of our natural bodies, through opposition, abuse, habits and hang ups, forward into the rebirth of our Spirits in Christ Jesus. God purposed this conference, to endow His women with the authority to walk into their predestined birth rights. 

In keeping with God’s plan, the women blessed to attend the conference each year began to yearn for a deeper understanding and knowledge of His plan for their lives.  From this conference stemmed “Ladies, let’s talk” sessions, which allow women without outside scrutiny, the opportunity to discuss personal problems and carnal issues and how to apply biblical principles.

Kingdom Kidz: Ages 3-11

A ministry for children ages (3-11) carefully designed to disciple children through a curriculum that develops character, respect and integrity. It is also the goal of the ministry to lead the children to know and accept Jesus Christ by teaching and training them by exposing them to the Bible, the foundation of biblical truths, and demonstrating the same in Children’s Church.

Next Generation Youth Ministry

A ministry for youth ages (12-17) that focuses on the development of fostering the Spiritual foundation necessary for them to prepare and position themselves for the challenge of meeting the demand for personal achievement as well as continue the perpetual expansion of the Kingdom of God.

“S3” Singles Ministry

Designed for those who are divorced, widowed, or have never been married. Through a variety of social and spiritual activities, the goal is to encourage, enhance, and enlighten singles to live holy, abundant, complete, and spirit-filled lives.

“1 Flesh” Marriage Ministry

A ministry designed to challenge, strengthen, educate and invigorate the God-given institution of marriage. Specifically, the ministry will identify possible problems area, learn some marital skills and inform couples of the real goal of marriage.

Wondering how you can get involved?

The pre-requisite for participation in any of our ministries is completion of the Pathway to Purpose classes. Fill out the contact form below with any questions. We’ll get right back with you!

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