Pastor C.T. Lewis

Pastor C. T. Lewis is the founder and Senior Pastor of Bread of Life Ministry located in Norfolk, VA.

Pastor Lewis has over 15 years in ministry and over 12 years in the pastorate. He is constantly striving to become better both in his walk with Christ and as a Leader.

From humble beginnings in a recreational center in Virginia Beach, God has expanded the territory and vision of Pastor Lewis and Bread of Life Ministry at rapid rates. His expectations of excellence precedes him and his ability to make the Word relatable to all causes the young and the old to be drawn to him. The motto at ‘Bread’ is “Come as you are; You won’t stay as you are!” A passion for men has been placed on the heart of Pastor Lewis. He has the desire to see men return to their rightful places in the Kingdom, in the Church, and in their Homes. He has made it a focal point to challenge the men in this area to step up and get back to where they belong. In doing so, he believes that we will see a great change not only in our homes but within our communities. Pastor Lewis firmly believes that you cannot be over someone unless you are under someone. With that being said he is under the tutelage of Dr. R. A. Vernon of The Word Church in Cleveland, OH. He receives guidance and spiritual direction in which he aptly adheres to and applies.

Pastor Lewis believes that education is a key component in the development of our lives and our futures. While God places gifts in us, we must cultivate them. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies. Pastor Lewis considers it an honor and blessing to be married to Lady N. Lewis and has been blessed with six beautiful children.