Lady Lewis

Prophetess Lewis, affectionately known as “Lady Lewis,” is the wife of Pastor C.T. Lewis of Bread of Life Ministry located in Norfolk, Virginia.

She is an involved mother of five beautiful children: Brandun, Jaylaan, Ajianna, Amron, and Ayden. As a strong voice in Bread of Life Ministry, Lady Lewis helps to lead many of the creative, administrative, and organizational aspects of the church. As a Christian woman of virtue, poise, and grace, Lady Lewis is known for her endless love and wisdom, which she pours unreservedly into all.

Lady Lewis’ passion is ministering to women who are broken and hurting; assisting them in achieving spiritual and emotional wholeness. One of her primary goals is to help women discover who God created them to be and to walk in their God-given purpose. Both in word and deed, she encourages women to be naturally and spiritually healthy.

It is because of her heart for women that God entrusted her to bring forth the “Birth to Rebirth” Women’s Conference and from this He gave her the vision for our “Ladies, Let’s Talk,” which as its name denotes, is an organization specifically for women. During these sessions, Lady Lewis coaches others through women’s issues, both biblically and practically and disciples women using the no-nonsense candor that she has become known and loved for. Lady Lewis often uses Bible studies, creative illustrations, and concepts to deliver her messages, celebrate womanhood, and inspire women to fulfill the call that God has on their lives. She educates and empowers women to become women who reject the cultural notions of what a woman “has” to be or “can’t” be, and instead realize she can be and do whatever she sets her mind to. Like the Proverbs 31 woman, she can faithfully cover different roles and wear multiple hats. They can be good wives, mothers, friends, co-workers, business owners, and kingdom builders.

Lady Lewis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a minor in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. She is a Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Lady Lewis is a woman of true character. She handles her obligation to serve in ministry alongside her husband with superb devotion. Lady Lewis is a model First Lady, who takes her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and servant of the kingdom very seriously.